SAC Member Nausheen Khan Discusses Funding Changes in Alberta’s Education System – Radio Interview


On July 9, SAC S-LP member Nausheen Khan was interviewed on 770 CHQR about funding changes in Alberta’s education system and their impact on speech-language pathology services in schools. Throughout the interview, Nausheen and the radio show host discussed the effects budget cuts have on children with speech and language difficulties. 

The funding cuts are extensive, severe and abrupt. With a limited number of S-LPs in schools, children with speech and language difficulties will not be properly identified. As well, children will not make progress without ongoing speech-language pathology interventions of sufficient frequency and intensity. 

In the interview, Nausheen explained: “When you go from a department with 25 S-LPs down to four, there’s going to be a lot of work that’s just not going to happen… There are windows of opportunities when children are young that are very important, and the impact you have when you put supports in place at that age can save children.” 

To listen to the full interview, visit this website

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