Volunteering on an SAC standing committee is a great way to give back to your national professional association and work collaboratively with colleagues from across Canada.

Join a SAC Standing Committee

Recruitment for standing committee vacancies takes place annually, in March. You can apply at any time and SAC will keep your application on file until a vacancy becomes available.

Standing Committees

Awards and Recognition Committee

The Awards & Recognition Committee is responsible to oversee the recognition process for SAC members and associates. who have contributed to the association and/or the profession(s) of audiology and speech-language pathology.

Chair: Fatima Beauregard, S-LP
Members: Jacqueline Araujo, Aud; Kathleen House, S-LP; Jingyu Jin, S-LP; Meghan MacNeil, S-LP; and Angela Muis, Communication Health Assistant

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee oversees the financial and strategic responsibilities of SAC in addition to developing, maintaining and implementing governance policies and initiatives to facilitate and improve the Board’s effectiveness.

Chair: Susan Wagner
Members: Christine Santilli, 1st Vice Chair and Merrill Tanner, 2nd Vice-Chair & Treasurer

The Executive Committee is a Board committee and is not included in general recruitment.

Canadian Entry to Practice (CETP) Examination Committees

The Exam Committees for the professions of Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology include professionals from various educational and clinical settings. These are subject matter experts who work closely with each profession’s Item Writers Workgroups for the creation of an exam with questions drawn from the national competency profile. The Exam Committees are also responsible for setting exam standards, the validation each exam and the score-setting process. Their responsibility is to deliver fair, valid and reliable national entry-to-practice exams that meet national and international psychometric standards.


Chair: Tara Winsor
Members: Michael Vekasi, Sandra Baker, Lorienne Jenstad, Zeina Zayat, Sylvia Chan, Stephanie Fay Lenhart, Catherine Belzile, and Jack Scott.

Speech-Language Pathology

Chair: Maria Lindsay
Members: Lisa Sacco, Andrea Miller, Roxanne Belanger, Laurie Cole, Jayninn Yue, and Natalia Aroca-Ouellette

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee supports succession planning for the Board of Directors and Standing Committees and has oversight of the process to nominate and elect qualified Board candidates and the process to appoint new members to SAC standing committees.

Chair: Thanya Duvage, S-LP
Members: Karen Nolan, S-LP; Remington Shandro, Aud; Dina Kyriakopoulos, S-LP; Janet Campbell, S-LP; and Benjamin Lamont, S-LP

Clinical Research Grants Committee

The Clinical Research Grants Committee supports the evaluation, and annual award of the SAC clinical research grants.

Chair: Ieda Ishida, Aud
Members: Marla Folden, S-LP; Susan Wagner, S-LP; Lauren Tittley, S-LP; Sandra Sinayuk, Aud; and Alison Harding, S-LP

Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee is entrusted with the responsibility of effectively managing the annual scholarship program and ensuring the equitable and prompt allocation of scholarship funds. Moreover, the committee plays a vital role in evaluating applicants’ submissions and making well-informed decisions.

Chair: Victoria MacLeod, Aud
Members: Susan Summerby-Murray, S LP; Sarah Czosniak, S-LP; Melissa Whitechurch, S-LP; Ellysa Vardy, S-LP; Allison Robbins, Aud; Robyn Richardson, Aud; Kathleen House, S-LP; Britney Watters, Aud; and Wenonah Campbell, S-LP

Education Committee 

The Education Committee provides guidance and expertise to inform the SAC professional development program for members and associates.

Chair: Brian Schmidt, Aud
Members: Jaymie Fader, S-LP; Erin Gilchrist, S-LP; Kristen Hedley, S-LP; Jody Marshall, S-LP; Rick Welland, S-LP; Sonay Cheema, Aud (student); Anna Gores, S-LP (student); Meghan Kardash, S-LP (student); and Andrea Little, Communication Health Assistant

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee​

The primary mandate of the SAC EDI Committee is to raise awareness and improve equity, diversity and inclusion amongst SAC members and associates. The committee will also provide feedback, guidance and support of the issues impacting EDI within and around the professions of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology including improving the experience of clients/patients from marginalized backgrounds when interacting with the professions.

Chair: Sharia Ali, S-LP
Members: Olivia McManus, S-LP (Student); Ozi Jones, S-LP; Andrea Perez-Leon, S-LP; Shannon Osmond, Aud; Faiza Ali, S-LP; Arlene Spracklin, S-LP; and Jennifer Hicks, S-LP

Regional Advisory Committees

The Regional Advisory Committees provide clinical insight and guidance in support of Advocacy priorities in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Alberta ​

Chair: ShawnaLee Jessiman, S-LP
Members: Kathleen House, S-LP; Nicole Salvador, S-LP; Mayuri Hirani, Aud; Amber Darragh, Aud; Sara Laughton, S-LP; Karin Bork, Aud; and Brie Schindel, S-LP

Saskatchewan ​

Chair: Jadie Allen, Aud
Members: Chatelle Cory, S-LP; Jodi Haberstock, Aud; Laureen McIntyre, S-LP; and Randa Tomczak, S-LP

SAC-OSLA Committee

The SAC-OSLA Committee provides strategic direction to the SAC Provincial Advocacy workers in performing advocacy work solely in respect of Ontario specific matters and in support of SAC Members who practice their profession in Ontario.

Chair: Patty Matsuo, S-LP
Members: Chantal Mayer-Crittenden, S-LP; Jennifer Wadds, S-LP; Rex Banks, Aud; Jaspal (Pauly) Brar, S-LP; Emilie Lalonde, S-LP; Mahsa Mosstaghimi-Tehrani, Aud; and Teresa Valenzano-Hacker, S-LP

Why Volunteer?

Gain valuable professional experience
Develop new skills
Make an impact
Help your professional association achieve its key strategies
Represent and support other communication health professionals


If you have questions regarding the application process please contact us by email.