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Speech-language pathologists (S-LPs) are essential members of educational teams supporting students of all ages with speech, language, and communication challenges to achieve their academic and personal potential. Many speech-language pathologists in Canada are employed in schools. Their job is to support children with communication disabilities in accessing the curriculum and achieving their academic and personal potential. In this new podcast series from Speech-Language and Audiology Canada, Dr. Lisa Archibald from the University of Western Ontario and our expert guests will discuss innovation in school-based speech-language pathology.

Episode Listings

Episode 15: Jessica Gallant

In the second French episode of the SAC Shining Lights podcast, Dr. Chantal Mayer-Crittenden from Laurentian University speaks with Jessica Gallant, a speech therapist for CSAP (Conseil scolaire acadien provincial). Jessica talks about ‘Grandir en français’, a project she was involved with to provide educators with strategies to work with children attending preschools or French-language schools in minority language settings.

Episode and Resources available only in French

Episode 14: Developmental Language Disorder Awareness with Miliana

On October 20, we recognize Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) Awareness Day with a special DLD episode of SAC’s Shining Lights podcast! In episode 14, Lisa Archibald talks with Miliana, a grade-6 student from Quebec with DLD, a persistent language difficulty with a significant impact on everyday interactions and school learning. Miliana shares her experiences of living and learning with DLD, working with her S-LP, and her passion for raising awareness of DLD.

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Episode 13 : Monique Dubreuil and Annie Demers

In this very first episode, Monique Dubreuil, Executive Director of Consortium pour les élèves du nord de l’Ontario (CÉNO), and Annie Demers, lead Speech-Language Pathologist for the CÉNO, tell us about the creation of CÉNO, its role in North-East Ontario and its impact on the provision of school-based speech therapy services. We also discuss the Regroupement des orthophonistes du Nord de l’Ontario (RONO). RONO brings together speech-language pathologists from the 6 Francophone school boards in Northern Ontario, offering them a space to reflect on different themes and issues, as well as to exchange ideas, among others.

If you are interested in setting up a consortium of school services in your area, or even a group for speech therapists, this is an episode not to be missed!

Episode and resources available only in French

Episode 12: Pat Blundon

In the twelfth episode, join Dr. Lisa Archibald of Western University as she speaks with Pat Blundon, who talks about her experience with Indigenous communities and working with what she calls language “varieties”.

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Episode 11: Helen McKay

In the eleventh episode, join Dr. Lisa Archibald of Western University as she speaks with Helen McKay, who talks about her 35 years of experience as an S-LP, 18 of those years with the Waterloo Region District School Board.

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Episode 10: Janine Chesworth

In the tenth episode, join Dr. Lisa Archibald of Western University as she speaks with Janine Chesworth, a speech-language pathologist working out of Edmonton, AB. Janine speaks on her experience in elementary schools, the English language in Indigenous contexts, and more.

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Episode 9: Jillian Gordon

In the ninth episode, join Dr. Lisa Archibald of Western University as she speaks with Jillian Gordon, a speech-language pathologist in a growing district in the lower mainland of British Columbia. Jillian speaks about her experience working in the school district, the district’s use of the new SWAP, and more.

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Episode 8: Sandrine Umunoza

Episode 8 of the SAC Shining Lights Podcast is now available! Join Dr. Lisa Archibald as she speaks with Sandrine Umunoza, Owner of Cabinet d’orthophonie l’Envol, who shares her experience working as an S-LP, particularly with Innu Indigenous communities.

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Episode 7: Denise Kollee and Andrea Borg

In the seventh episode of SAC Shining Lights: School-based S-LP Podcast, Dr. Archibald is joined by Denise Kollee and Andrea Borg from Halton Catholic District School Board. Denise and Andrea discuss their work within the board and services for students using Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices.

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Episode 6: Lisa Kohel and Lyndsay Bourdeau

In the sixth episode of SAC Shining Lights: School-based S-LP Podcast, Dr. Archibald is joined by Lisa Kohel and Lyndsay Bourdeau, private practitioners who support both schools and school divisions in Alberta. Lisa and Lyndsay discuss their experiences developing services in and with schools, and their work with educators.

Episode 5: Sylvia Cutmore

In the fifth episode of SAC Shining Lights: School-based S-LP Podcast, Dr. Archibald is joined by Sylvia Cutmore from Peel District School Board. Sylvia discusses her work within the board, the consultation model she follows, a structured literacy model, and much more!


Episode 4: Debbie Maund

In our fourth episode, Dr. Archibald is joined by Debbie Maund from SpeechPATH4U in Moncton, NB and Elsipogtog School on Elsipogtog First Nation. Debbie discusses her service delivery model and the way she created a system responsive to the needs of a community based school.


Episode 3: MaryAnn Schouten

In the third episode, Lisa Archibald is joined by MaryAnn Schouten from the Upper Grand District School Board. MaryAnn discusses her language intervention program LITES, and the way it is supporting children’s oral language to achieve social and academic success.


Episode 2: Melinda Hinch

In this episode, Lisa is joined by Melinda Hinch who has been providing speech-language services with a focus on literacy in the Windsor Essex County District School Board. They discuss how critical thinking, school board changes and even the pandemic have shaped the way speech-language services are being delivered in schools.


Episode 1: Carolyn Hovey-Johnson

In this episode, Lisa talks with Carolyn Hovey-Johnson from the Peace Collaborative Services in Alberta. They discuss their way of working in a team and in interdisciplinarity.


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