Submissions and Briefs

SAC actively advocates for your role. Part of this involves completing government submissions and technical briefs.

We’re stronger when we work together. Speech-Language & Audiology Canada is diligent in its efforts to help speech-language pathologists, audiologists and communication health assistants make real and lasting contributions to the health of Canadians.

A critical piece of SAC’s strategic plan is to advocate on behalf of our professions. SAC is actively involved in a number of advocacy and government relations’ activities to ensure that the unified voice of communication health professionals is considered as part of public policy discussion/decision-making both for the health and wellbeing of Canadians and for the benefit of practice and education in speech-language therapy and audiology.

Government Submissions

SAC participates in public consultations on government studies, programs, research etc. Our participation may include appearances at the federal health committee, federal standards, and federal studies.

Canada Student Loan Forgiveness Program
Aging at Home in Canada
Long Term Care
Consultation Questions
SAC participated in the federal health committee study on Children's Health 2022
SAC participated in the federal health committee study on Canada's Health Workforce 2022
Vote Communication Health 2021
Dementia Strategy

Pre-Budget Submissions

Pre-Budget Submissions is an opportunity for the SAC to participate in pre-budget consultations with an aim to influence federal spending towards programs and priorities related to the work of our profession.

2024 Submission
EHPC 2024 Submission
2023 Submission
EHPC 2023 Submission
2022 Submission
2021 Submission