New SAC Info Sheet on Voice Disorders in Challenging COVID-19 Work Environments


SAC has developed a new info sheet to highlight the increased risk of developing voice disorders in the COVID-19 workplace. We encourage our members and associates to use the info sheet to raise awareness of voice disorders and the importance of speech-language pathology and audiology services in their prevention and treatment. SAC will be sharing the info sheet with business groups and other associations.



PHAC recently released Evidence to support safe return to clinical practice by oral health professionals in Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic: A report prepared for the Office of the Chief Dental Officer of Canada . This report describes the results of a comprehensive literature review about the provision of care by oral health care professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As well, PHAC  updated its Risk mitigation tool for child and youth settings operating during the COVID-19 pandemic and COVID-19 guidance for schools Kindergarten to Grade 12.

Other PHAC ethical and technical guidance on COVID-19 can be found at Coronavirus disease (COVID-19): Guidance documents.

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