Introducing Defy Dementia – The podcast for anyone with a brain, by Baycrest


Defy Dementia is an empowering new podcast by Baycrest dedicated to helping you reduce your dementia risk. Join them on a captivating exploration of key dementia risk factors as we interview experts, hear inspiring stories from persons with lived experience, and share practical advice to help optimize your ageing journey. Tune in and subscribe at or anywhere you get your podcasts and unlock the power to age fearlessly and defy dementia.

Each episode will be complemented by a short video, infographic, and related resources to help you take control of your brain health.

Defy Dementia is hosted by Jay Ingram (Canadian author and broadcaster) and Dr. Allison Sekuler (President and Chief Scientist, Baycrest Academy for Research and Education, and the Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation). The Public Health Agency of Canada generously funds the podcast.

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