1:15 pm - 2:45 pm

What Do the Next 50 Years Hold for Audiology?

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The field of audiology is constantly changing with technological innovations and it can seem nearly impossible to predict what tools and practices we'll incorporate into our models of care within the next few years — much less the next few decades. This session will look forward and explore the possibilities of how audiology may evolve over the next 50 years. We will look at concepts such as internet-enabled telehealth, machine-learning, voice automation and biometric sensors, as well as how these innovations may be applied in our clinics to help patients. Finally, we will also consider how the patient experience may change as they live longer, seek help sooner or look for new methods of service delivery. 

Moderator: Remington Shandro


  • Dave Kemp
  • Gurjit Singh

Gurjit Singh


Dave Kemp
Marketing Manager at Oaktree Products


Remington Shandro
M.Sc. Candidate