Update for Members and Associates on COVID-19

Many Speech-Language & Audiology Canada (SAC) members and associates are facing professional, financial and personal challenges associated with the rapidly changing COVID-19 pandemic. SAC wishes to thank you for your commitment to your patients, clients and your profession during these most trying of times.

Members and associates may find the following resources helpful when making decisions about their professional practice in light of COVID-19. Click on the buttons below to jump to each list of resources:



Below are some resources to help guide clinical practice and telepractice during this pandemic. 


SAC Official Statements



Clinical Practice Guidelines


Infection Prevention & Control


Communication Supports

  • SAC has developed a new info sheet on the use of N-95 respirators for speech-language pathology services. (updated Feb 2, 2020)

  • SAC has developed a new info sheet to highlight the increased risk of developing voice disorders in the COVID-19 workplace. (updated October 8, 2020)

  • SAC has developed a new info sheet on the impact of masks on communication and what members of the public can do to improve communication when wearing a mask. (updated August 21, 2020)

  • The Canadian Coalition for Adult Hearing Health (CCAHH) has prepared a tip sheet for healthcare providers communicating with patients with hearing loss (updated April 28, 2020).

  • SAC has gathered communication support resources to assist members and associates in communicating with patients who may need additional support due to speech-related disabilities (updated April 20, 2020).

  • The Ida Institute along with their partnering patient organizations launched a resource with advice for communicating when using face masksThe resource is based on content developed by the Danish Association of the Hard of Hearing and is endorsed by Ida partners who have collaborated to adapt the content for an international audience. 


End of Life Care



  • SAC has put together a webinar series focused solely on telepractice. The webpage features upcoming SAC webinars and past webcasts from the series, as well as one filmed webinar from OSLA (updated April 24, 2020).

  • Due to increased interest in telepractice as a result of COVID-19, SAC has gathered resources for using telepractice (updated April 29, 2020).

  • SAC has compiled additional audiology focused resources to assist those providing telehealth to people who are hard of hearing (updated April 24, 2020).

  • SAC has complied additional speech-language pathology focused resources to assist those providing telehealth services.


Extended Health Insurance Benefits (including information on Telepractice)


Long Covid





SAC has also reached out to our insurance partner, BMS for information on the impact of COVID-19 on our members and associates:




SAC has gathered resources developed by the Canadian Psychology Association and other organizations to provide insight and tips on maintaining mental health during this pandemic:


PLEASE NOTE: SAC staff are currently working remotely and are available by email. SAC will continue to provide services to members and associates.