1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Target Audiences
Speech-Language Pathology
Communication Health Assistant


Time & Length of Session
Afternoon Sessions

Un-date-ed?: Identifying Inflectional, Derivational and Compound Morphology in Language Samples

The language used in the descriptions reflects the language of the sessions.

Author: Bonita Squires, M.Sc, PhD (ABD)

Advanced academic vocabulary is largely made up of multi-morphemic words, such as ‘geographical’, ‘inequality’ and ‘expressionism’. To assess and intervene on vocabulary development, clinicians may consider identifying multi-morphemic words and morphemes that children already produce in language samples. In this mini-seminar, participants will learn about language sampling and the development of different types of morphology. Next, they will practice the systematic identification of multi-morphemic words in the language sample of a child who is deaf or hard-of-hearing. Finally, attendees will brainstorm ways to use this information in setting goals and developing stimuli for intervention.


Bonita Squires
M.Sc., PhD Candidate, S-LP(C)