Scholarships for S-LP and Audiology Students

SAC offers 26 scholarships per year, ranging from $500 - $2,500. 

The scholarship deadline has now passed. Applications for the 2021-2022 SAC Scholarship Program will open in fall 2021.



Applicants must be: 

  • SAC student associates
  • Full-time students
  • Enrolled in their a master's degree program in speech-language pathology or audiology


Evaluation Criteria:

Applicants will be evaluated based on level of academic work, clinical practicum, volunteer involvement, references and an essay including career goals. Practicum and volunteer work done via telepractice will be accepted.

Given the unprecedented circumstances of COVID-19, SAC is sensitive to the fact that many students have been unable to complete their clinical placement(s) and therefore may not have a clinical reference to provide in their scholarship applications. As a result, we have decided to give students the following options in terms of submitting their reference evaluations:

  1. Submit two reference evaluations, one academic and one clinical. Both evaluation scores will be averaged to calculate your overall score.
  2. Submit one reference evaluation, either clinical or academic. This score will be counted alone as your overall score.




Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to submit my application by mail? No. You can email all application forms to
  • Do I need to submit a separate application form for each scholarship? No.
  • If I am applying for more than one scholarship, can I send in only one copy of the required documents (i.e. references, transcripts, research summary, essay)? Yes.
  • Is it okay to include the reference evaluation form(s) in my package?  No. The forms must be emailed by the reference person directly to
  • Can I submit a photocopy or scanned version of my official transcripts? Yes, but SAC holds the right to request a physical copy of an official transcript if deemed necessary.
  • Will my application be accepted if it is postmarked by the submission deadline? No. The SAC office must receive your completed application package no later than the submission deadline.



"I would again like to express my heartfelt thanks for the SAC's support in helping to realize my plans for future participation in professional issues. Thank you again for financially contributing to my research and personal development through this generous award."

- Marie Shuman, Msc. Speech-Language Pathology (Graduating 2020)


"I was thrilled and honoured to learn that I was awarded an Elks and Royal Purple Fund for Children Scholarship. It is a great feeling to receive this recognition from the Elks and SAC- two organizations that do so much both for their members and for the community. Meanwhile, as I enter the home stretch of my academic program, this scholarship will help to alleviate some financial burden and allow me to focus more closely on future academic and clinical endeavours."

- 2019 Scholarship Recipient


"I am writing to extend my sincere gratitude to you for the SAC Research Scholarship. I am honoured to be the recipient of this award and to be part of an organization that provides support, such as these scholarships, for students as they begin their careers. This award is particularly meaningful to me, as I am passionate about further developing best practice in our field and increasing collaboration between researchers and clinicians in order to provide optimal intervention. I have been fortunate enough to conduct research, an essential component of service delivery, throughout my studies and am motivated even more by the receipt of this award to continue this work into my clinical career.

This award will help ease the financial burden of relocating for clinical placements and allow me to continue with research and focus on serving my clients as I finish my program."

-Erin Jastrzebski