Scholarships for S-LP and Audiology Students

SAC offers 28 scholarships ranging from $500 - $2,500.

The submission deadline has now passed.

Look for more information coming soon in November 2018 for our second round of scholarships.


Applicants must be: 

  • SAC student associates
  • Full-time students
  • Enrolled in their final year of a master's degree program in speech-language pathology or audiology*

*The Beach Family Scholarships (available later this year) are open to students in all years of study

Note: Students enrolled in a full-time doctorate degree program (AuD), who have not previously completed a master’s degree program in audiology, may also apply. Students in a combined master’s/PhD program may apply in their second year provided that they have completed clinical hours with patients.


Evaluation Criteria:

Applicants will be evaluated based on level of academic work, clinical practicum, volunteer involvement, references and an essay including career goals.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to submit a separate application form for each scholarship? No.
  • If I am applying for more than one scholarship, can I send in only one copy of the required documents (i.e. references, transcripts, research summary, essay)? Yes
  • Is it okay to include the reference evaluation forms in my package?  No. The forms must be emailed by the reference person directly to
  • Can I submit a photocopy or scanned version of my official transcripts? No. 
  • Can my academic reference be completed by any professor at my university? No. Your academic reference must be an appointed faculty member, not an affiliated faculty member (i.e. sessional instructor.)
  • Will my application be accepted if it is postmarked by October 30? No. The SAC office must receive your completed application package no later than October 30, 2018.


"Thank you for your generous support that you have provided me through this scholarship. This generous offer of assistance will not only help support my studies, but it also furthers my commitment to lifelong learning, leadership and service. This award encourages me to continue striving to do my best in making a difference in the community by providing high-quality hearing care and by advocating for our profession."

- 2015 Scholarship Recipient

"I was thrilled to receive an SAC scholarship this year and I want to thank the scholarship committee. The scholarship has allowed me the opportunity to recently complete a Hanen certification workshop, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I am also looking forward to completing an Individual Authorizer course in March. Again, thank you for the recognition and the chance to further myself as a communication health professional!"

– 2014 Scholarship Recipient

"Thank you so much for choosing me as a recipient of a SAC scholarship. I, like many of my fellow students, have worked very hard to get to this point in my academic career. Being honoured with this scholarship helps with the costs of my education, but more than that it gives me confidence knowing that others believe in my clinical abilities as well as my academic skills. I hope to further my profession of audiology in the future by being a good, patient-centred, clinician and an advocate in my community."

– 2014 Scholarship Recipient

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