Benefits of Membership

Why Join SAC? 

SAC is a member-driven organization that supports, promotes and elevates the professions of our members. 

Our members are why we exist. When you're an SAC member, you can focus on your work knowing that we are there supporting and fighting for you, every day. Here's what we bring: 


With our broad suite of benefits and services, you will feel supported and your day-to-day professional life will be made easier. 

  • Insurance Programs
    Being part of an association that is more than 6,300 members strong has its benefits. With the strength of the group behind us, we are able to negotiate the best possible rates on insurance for our members. Rates so good, in fact, that, if you join our professional liability insurance program, your membership pretty well pays for itself. Learn more.
  • Discounts
    We have partnered with a number of organizations, including ASHA and GoodLife Fitness, to provide SAC members with significant savings and discounts. Learn more
  • Publications
    Our members receive exclusive access to our award-winning online magazine, Communiqué. Communiqué is written by members, for members and includes information on the latest technology and research, alongside personal stories from your peers. SAC members also receive our e-mail updates (but not all of them!) We all get too many emails; which is why we send each update to a carefully-chosen segment of our membership. Meaning, if it's in your inbox and it's from us, you'll know it's relevant to you. 


Our strength and advocacy mean that you benefit from our promotion of your profession: your profile and value is raised and you are more in demand.  

  • Government Relations
    SAC staff are regularly on The Hill, meeting with decision-makers and making sure your priorities are top-of-mind. 
  • Speech & Hearing Month
    Each year, we run a national campaign to promote your profession and raise the profile of the issues you address and the people you help. Learn more about our latest campaign. 
  • Federal Healthcare Partnership
    SAC works with the Federal Healthcare Partnership, which includes Veterans Affairs Canada/Blue Cross Medavie, RCMP, DND and Health Canada (NIHB). We work with this group to ensure that federal audiology programs and services are meeting the needs of clients and audiologists alike. SAC hosts an annual meeting with the FHP, which provides a forum for discussion and improves our ability to affect change to these programs.
  • Find a Speech-Language Pathologist or Audiologist Database
    SAC members may choose to be included in our find-a-professional listing (at no additional cost). We actively promote this online resource to help connect health-care professionals, educators and individuals with your services.


Through our programs like clinical certification and professional development, your profession itself is elevated by SAC, improving expertise and raising professional quality and reputation. 

  • Clinical Certification
    Members have the exclusive right to earn SAC Clinical Certification: the highest professional standard as set by the national association of your peers. Learn more.
  • International Mobility
    We have negotiated mutual recognition agreements for SAC Clinically Certified speech-language pathologists. These agreements mean that, if you ever wish to work in another country, we've already taken the first step for you. Learn more.
    ​We have agreements with the following international associations: 
    • Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (UK)
    • American Speech-Language-Hearing Association 
    • Speech Pathology Australia
    • New Zealand Speech-Language Therapists' Association
    • Irish Association of Speech and Language Therapists 
  • Professional Development
    We help you stay at the forefront of your profession through our wide-range of professional development opportunities. And, as an SAC member, you receive member rates SAC events; discounts on our workshops, webinars and webcasts; and exclusive access to SAC Lunch & Learns. Learn more.
  • Awards
    From professionals who have contributed to their field over a lifetime to those who are just starting out, SAC's Awards Program recognizes the best and brightest.  Learn more.
  • Clinical Research Grants
    SAC contributes to the clinical evidence base in your profession through our Clincial Research Grants Program. Learn more.
  • Your Voice
    SAC is the collective voice of our members; and, as such, our actions are directed and elevated through member participation. As an SAC member, you have the opportunity to guide your national professional association by participating at the annual meeting of members, on committees or even as an elected representative on the SAC Board of Directors. Learn more.

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