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The Speech-Language Pathologist’s (S-LP) Role in Medical Assistance in Dying

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Authors: Caitlin Buchel, RSLP, M.Cl.Sc, SLP(C), Buchel Speech and Language Group and Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, Winnipeg, MB; Samantha Jansen, Hamilton Health Sciences Centre; Alexandra Carling, College of Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists of Ontario; Brenda Rust, Self-employed.

In 2016, Canadian legalization established medical assistance in dying (MAiD) as a right and set legal requirements for patient consent and participation. For patients living with communication disorders, access to this right and the ability to consent can be compromised. At the same time, despite the role of S-LPs in supportive communication, there continues to be almost no research or practice guidance around S-LP participation in MAiD, resulting in limited awareness of the benefits of an S-LP’s contributions to MAiD. This presentation addresses these gaps by highlighting the role of S-LPs in MAiD.
[Bill C14, Para 241.2(3)i]


Caitlin Buchel
R.SLP, M.Cl.Sc., S-LP(C)


Alexandra Carling


Samantha Jansen
M.S.Ed., Reg. CASLPO