Speech & Hearing Month 2021: What is Aphasia?


“Aphasia is a language disorder that may impact a person’s ability to speak, listen, read and write. Appearing as a common side effect following a stroke, aphasia occurs in approximately 30% of stroke survivors and more than 100,000 Canadians are living with aphasia.

Some people with aphasia cannot speak at all, some are unable to find the right words or pronounce the words properly, some have difficulty understanding the words they hear and others may not be able to read and write. Aphasia can be very frustrating and frightening for the person with aphasia and their caregivers. Aphasia often affects the ability to have conversations and can be very isolating.

Aphasia makes a person look less competent than they actually are…”

Learn more about aphasia on the Speech & Hearing Month website


SAC has developed a poster on aphasia for Speech & Hearing Month 2021.





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