Saskatchewan Advocacy Update August 2022


SAC Saskatchewan Members, 

We collected and analyzed the results of the survey that was distributed to you earlier this summer. These results were shared with your regional advisory committee to set immediate priorities. We are encouraged and excited to have such accomplished and exciting committee members working on your advocacy needs!


The top three advocacy issues by rank were:

  1. Advocate for increased government funding for FTE positions in Speech-language Pathology and Audiology
  2. Recruitment/retention issues
  3. Advocating for expanded coverage/reimbursement from third parties


The top three workplace issues by rank were:

  1. Caseload/workload issues (by a wide margin)
  2. Length of waitlists to access services
  3. Lack of insurance coverage for services


Actions that would have the most immediate impact by rank were:

  1. Caseload/workload issues (by a wide margin)
  2. Greater recognition by third parties/other professionals/public
  3. Increased renumeration


It should be noted that several audiology members highlighted use of the title ”Dr.” for those with earned degrees and direct referral to ENT as priority items.

Our first meeting focused on prioritizing and brainstorming both short- and long-term advocacy goals. To that end, your Advocacy Managers for Saskatchewan have worked on the following this summer:

  • Finalizing our provincial advocacy plan, focusing on key stakeholders and messaging aligning with federal priorities such as Early Learning and Child Care, Long-Term Care, and addressing backlogs caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. To that end, we have written to and are beginning to meet with MLA’s and Assistant Deputy Ministers from several Ministries.
  •  Meeting with contacts from the U of S to determine how we can work together to address issues such as professional recognition, continuing education, and recruitment and retention issues.
  • Connecting with CAA to request an update on progress with direct referral to ENT in the province of Saskatchewan. CAA is leading this initiative for Audiology in Canada. Dave Gordey reported initial contacts have been made with key stakeholders within the province and will provide periodic updates on the status of this project.

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