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SAC has a variety of information sheets, backgrounders and posters on communication health. Click the links below to find out more. 

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Information Sheets

End-of-Life Care

Classroom Acoustics


Speech-Language Pathologists: Who We Are

Audiologists: Who We Are

Communication Health Assistants Working Collaboratively With Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists

Early Hearing Detection and Intervention

Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Vestibular Disorders

Language and Literacy


Statistics on Speech and Language Disorders

Statistics on Hearing and Auditory Disorders

Statistics on Communication Disorders (general)

Tips for Talking to Someone Who Has a Speech or Language Disorder

Tips for Talking to Someone Who Has a Hearing or Auditory Disorder



Classroom Acoustics (Letter size Full size)

Dysphagia (Letter size | Full size)

Childhood Apraxia of Speech (Letter size | Full size)

Vestibular Disorders (Letter size | Full size)

Language and Literacy (Letter size | Full size)

Tinnitus (Letter size | Full size)

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (Letter size | Full size)

Swallowing Awareness (Adult) (Letter size | Full size)

Swallowing Awareness (Child) (Letter size | Full size)

Auditory Processing Disorder (Letter size | Full size)

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Other Materials

Communication Health and Aging Brochure

Speech and Hearing Milestones Brochure

Value of Hearing Aids Infographic

Report Card on Early Hearing Detection and Intervention

Scope of practice postcard: audiology

Scope of practice postcard: speech-language pathology

Speech-language pathologists and audiologists per 100,000 people in Canada

Auditory Processing Disorder in Children : FAQ

Milestones Growth Chart