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SAC-Alberta is the provincial advocacy branch for Speech-Language pathologists and Audiologists in Alberta.

The primary purpose of the newly created provincial advocacy role in this province is to advance important priorities for our members. SAC is the voice for professional issues related to speech-language pathology and audiology in Alberta.

SAC-Alberta is supported and guided by the Provincial Manager based in the province and connected to the SAC National office through technology and organizational support. The Provincial Manager will work with members in Alberta to deliver provincial advocacy services and advocate for causes important to the professions. Staff will be supported directly though our national office, working with Bonnie Kirkwood, Manager, Government Relations and Advocacy. The national and provincial branches work together on common issues such as health human resources, etc. Bonnie is also seasoned in Government Relations work and has been integral in recent impactful high-profile appearances SAC has obtained with key government committees.

We now have dedicated advocacy staff in three provinces who, in partnership with our national team, will help us develop and advance advocacy issues. Moving forward, thanks to this structure, we benefit in sharing our individual past successes and strategies for tackling specific issues. In addition, we will be able work together efficiently on new initiatives to enact widespread change.

Your Provincial Manager, Jarrad Marthaller

Our provincial managers are supported through a Regional Advisory Committee (RAC).

The committee is your connection to issues in province and your dedicated group or representatives to support our work.

2024 Advocacy plan

As the national association representing communication health professionals, Speech-Language & Audiology Canada is committed to highlighting the professions and to raising the profile of communications health in Canada.

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2023 Advocacy Plan

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