Tips for Completing the Continuing Education Form - Paper Copy

Speech-Language Pathology

Tips for Completing the CEE Reporting Form:

  • Record your continuing education activities on the SAC CEE Reporting form - others cannot be accepted. 
  • Write or print legibly. 
  • Record each year of continuing education activity on a separate form.
  • Keep your CEE reporting form and proof of activity in a convenient place, so that you record teh activity when it happens rather than trying to recall all activities at year-end.
  • Send in only one form with all the activities for that reporting year; multiple forms will not be accepted. 
  • Send the original form in annually by year-end, think of income tax!
  • Send your CEE reporting form to SAC by Mail, fax or scan and email. 
  • Complete the form clearly, filling in all information, including your SAC ID, cycle and CEE reporting year. All of this information appears on your annual report. 
  • Include your name and address. There may be more than one member with your name.
  • If you have recently changed your name, include both names.
  • Keep a separate record of all journals and books read in Category D in case of an audit; but do not include on the CEE reporting form.
  • Record all activities even if you have exceeded the maximum; but please complete the totals at the bottom of the form, for each category.
  • Include the totals for the subgroups only on the last page if you need multiple pages to record all of your activities.
  • Incomplete forms will be returned to you.
  • Before you send in your form, keep a copy for your files. 
  • Keep proof of attendance until one-year post cycle. 
  • ASHA CEUS are recorded by unit not hour. If you are an ASHA CCC holder and want to claim these, you will need to convert your ASHA CEUs to CEEs.
  • There are over 4,700 Clinically Certified SAC Members and errors can happen. If you notice an error, please notify us and be patient.

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