Setting a Passing Score on the SAC Clinical Certification Exam

Speech-Language Pathology

The Angoff method is used to determine the passing score on the SAC Clinical Certification examination. The Angoff method, developed by William Angoff in 1971, uses a test-centered approach, wherein subject matter experts are asked to assign a probability to each test item. Subject matter experts are asked to imagine a pool of 100 minimally competent, borderline entry level candidates and then estimate what proportion of these individuals will answer the item correctly. The sum of the proportions assigned to all of the items in a test by a subject matter expert is a referred to as a minimum performance level. The average of the minimum performance levels across subject matter experts will become the final passing score.

After an item appears on the certification exam, the speech-language pathology and audiology examination committees reviews the Angoff value for that question to ensure consistency with candidate performance. Therefore, the Angoff values are not static and there is a constant evaluation process to ensure that the passing score remains current and reflects the difficulty of the exam.

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