SAC Position Statement: Disability Tax Credit

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Please note: A position paper or statement represents the direction SAC has taken on a particular topic or provides guidelines for particular areas of practice. These positions are time-bound, representing the thinking at a particular point in time.

SAC Position Statement on the Disability Tax Credit (DTC): 

SAC supports a need for the Ministry of Finance to revise the definitions, terminology and requirements currently used for the Disability Tax Credit Certificate (form T2201 E) to be more equitable, non-discriminatory and realistic of typical daily life. SAC also supports that revisions be in line with the decision of the court and the legal precedent set in Barber vs. the Queen

SAC will continue to collaborate with its partners and stakeholders on this issue and assist in any revision and consultation put forward to the Ministry. SAC will also continue to engage its membership in these developments and inform them of the DTC issues and related implications for consumers.