SAC: Mission, Vision, Values


Ensuring all people of Canada achieve optimal communication health.



Supporting and empowering our members and associates to maximize the communication health for all people of Canada.

Communication health for Speech-Language & Audiology Canada refers to everything within the scope of practice of audiology and speech-language pathology.



Speech-Language & Audiology Canada is:

  • Accountable - Board decisions are fiscally responsible and transparent.
  • Evidence-based - Decisions are based on the best available information and research.
  • Inclusive - The diversity of members' and associates' cultures, locations and practices are considered.
  • Member-driven - Decisions reflect the priorities of members and associates.
  • Responsive - The strategic plan allows flexibility to respond to new opportunities and to minimize the impact of external challenges.
  • Visionary - Decisions are guided by long-term needs of members, associates and the public, and informed by social and political forecasts and trends.

The vision statement serves to convey the goals and values of the association. The vision outlines what is possible and what the association aspires to. A vision should answer questions such as: What are the association's core values, what is SAC's reason for being, how can it make a difference, and what activities are worth undertaking? An organization's vision must transcend the current leadership.

The mission deals with the behaviour of the organization and the present situation and provides direction for an organization and is the basis for all planning. It is the starting point for all and needs to be realistic. The mission usually defines the purpose of the organization, recognizes the stakeholders, indicates their needs, and implies the image that the organization wants to project.