01 February, 2019 - Medical Express

“The brain's system for removing waste is driven primarily by the…” Continue reading.

01 February, 2019 - Science Daily

“In an Autism Research study of 36 newly employed adults with autism spectrum disorder who were participating in a supported employment program, positive well-being -- or a sense of…” Continue reading.

01 February, 2019 - Hearing Health Foundation

“Tinnitus is a condition in which one hears a ringing and/or buzzing sound in the ear without an external sound source, and as…” Continue reading.

01 February, 2019 - Hearing Health & Technology Matters

“The preeminent American physicist, Richard Feynman, coined the term “cargo cult science” to describe practices that on the surface appear scientific, but upon closer scrutiny…” Continue reading.

25 January, 2019 - CBC News

A collaboration between Providence Health, the Island Health Authority and the Ministry of Health envisions a Comox-based dementia village, a place for dementia patients to access…” “A new residential care community on Vancouver Island is in the...