21 November, 2018 - University of Ottawa

The University of Ottawa’s Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology program would like your feedback regarding the reasons why you are motived – or reluctant - to supervise students during clinical placements. Given the importance of ...

09 November, 2018 - U of T News

“A woman whose chronic pain led her to study occupational therapy. A speech pathologist whose quest for answers prompted her to…” Continue reading. *Featuring SAC student associate, Teresa Valenzano, S-LP(C)

09 November, 2018 - Arizona Sonora News

“As students come to school for the first time, they go through various screenings to ensure they…” Continue reading.

09 November, 2018 - Hearing Health Foundation

“Tinnitus, or the perception of sound where none is present, has been estimated to affect approximately 15 percent of adults. Unfortunately, there is…” Continue reading.

09 November, 2018 - CTV News

“Earlier this week, Gracie Prang was shocked to hear the…” Continue reading.