27 October, 2017 - Spectrum News

“Some infants who have an older sibling with autism have weak brain signals as early as 3 months of age, according to a new study1. The weaker this brain activity, the worse…” Continue reading.

27 October, 2017 - BBC

“The Scottish government has announced plans to integrate the use of British Sign Language (BSL) into everyday life. Measures include…” Continue reading.

27 October, 2017 - Medical Xpress

“Researchers are calling for people who are hyper-sensitive to noise to help them decide…” Continue reading.

27 October, 2017 - CBC

“They can be the not-so-obvious groups of people with disabilities, but advocates in Newfoundland and Labrador say their problems are…” Continue reading.

27 October, 2017 - CBC

“Like many of Canada's elite winter athletes, Spencer O'Brien has suffered a concussion. In fact, several. The Olympic snowboarder believes her most recent one, which happened a little over a year ago and caused…” Continue reading....