Update on Transparent Masks Available in Canada

08 January, 2021
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Health Canada has issued two interim orders to allow for the importation and sale of My Access Masks and ClearMasks from the US during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Health Canada indicates that My Access Masks and ClearMasks are communication face coverings, not respiratory personal protective equipment (PPE). Due to their design, these masks cannot be tested for bacterial filtration efficiency or particle filtration efficiency. Therefore, they are not equivalent to medical masks, which offer a measured effectiveness (95%) for protecting the wearer. However, My Access Masks and ClearMasks may offer greater protection than other types of face coverings because they are fluid resistant. 

The Humanity Shield is a made-in-Canada face shield with an edge of fabric. Health Canada has not evaluated the fit of the Humanity Shield or the filtration ability of the fabrics. As with the My Access Mask and the ClearMask, Health Canada considers the Humanity Shield to be a face covering designed to facilitate communication. It does not qualify as respiratory PPE.

Speech-Language & Audiology Canada (SAC) is aware that two Canadian companies - Entreprise Prémont and Myant – are developing transparent masks. SAC will continue to provide SAC members and associates with updates about transparent masks as they become available in Canada.