Survey for S-LPs on Written Language Assessment Tools for People with Aphasia

08 December, 2020
Newcastle University
SAC News
Speech-Language Pathology

A researcher from Newcastle University in the United Kingdom is seeking S-LPs to participate in an international survey. The survey aims to discover which tools S-LPs currently use to assess written language in people with aphasia and to find out whether current assessment methods are the meeting the clinical needs of S-LPs.

The survey also seeks to gain valuable feedback on DAAWN (Digital Assessment for Aphasia of Written Naming), which is an online assessment tool of single word typed naming developed by Newcastle University to be used by S-LPs when working with people with aphasia. The online assessment tool can be accessed online.    

For S-LPs who have trialed the tool or for those who wish to, you will be able to provide feedback in the survey on what you thought of the assessment and ways in which it can be improved to facilitate its usability in a clinical context. 
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