Survey on the Experiences of People with Hearing Loss

18 November, 2020
Hearing Health Alliance of Canada
SAC News

The Hearing Health Alliance of Canada (HHAC), of which SAC is a part, is conducting a survey of people in Canada who experience hearing loss. The purpose of this research is to gain insights about the experiences of people with hearing difficulties. Based on their feedback, the aim of the HHAC is to provide high level information to representatives of Canadian Governments including Federal, Provincial and Territorial. Our mission is to work with Government to improve hearing health care in Canada. 

Individuals can reply for themselves or on behalf of children or those dependents who are not able to respond. 

HHAC has prepared a document to be distributed to patients. The document includes the details of the study—its purpose, benefits, rights, and confidentiality. There is no obligation to participate, there are no identifiers in the study survey or software. Health care providers, associations, and the HHAC will have no way of knowing if an individual participated or who participated.

Review and complete the online survey. If you have questions, please contact Dr. Steve Aiken

The deadline for participation is December 16, 2020.