Student Update: Laval University

12 September, 2013
SAC News
Speech-Language Pathology

Marie-Chrystine Chiasson (SAC Student Representative, S-LP Student)
Myriam Baillargeon-Bolduc (SAC Student Representative, S-LP Student)

We are currently halfway through the two-year S-LP master's program at Université Laval and are very busy working on our essais (similar to thesis projects, but shorter), which are due next summer and consist of either a literature review or new research on a topic of our choice.

Many of us are working to develop norms for French tests that will make it easier for S-LPs in Quebec to compare results between patients. Students are involved in a wide range of projects including creating new tasks to evaluate kids' morphosyntaxic abilities; testing for voice therapy with young children; exploring possible anomia treatments for aphasic patients; studying the relationship between narrative and comprehension abilities in children; and working to understand normal changes in speech due to aging.

Since most of us will likely work in French after we graduate, we're really excited to have the chance to improve the tools available to French S-LPs. Of course, we hope that our research will be useful to English S-LPs too!