Request for Proposals: Investigating the Interaction Between Frailty and COVID-19

31 March, 2020
Canadian Frailty Network
Speech-Language Pathology
Communication Health Assistants

The Canadian Frailty Network (CFN) is looking to fund proposals aimed at investigating the interaction between frailty and COVID-19. Older adults living with frailty are the most vulnerable to COVID-19. As a result, CFN is looking for health, social or policy research studies that investigate determinants of increased susceptibility and solutions to mitigate or prevent the differential risk to COVID-19.

CFN is looking for health, social or policy studies that fall under one of the two following streams of research:

  1. Proposals that study the differential impact of frailty on the response or outcomes of a therapy or add a frailty cohort/subgroup to an existing ongoing COVID-19 investigation. 

  2. Original research proposals that investigate the outcomes and underlying mechanisms for the observed outcomes, the utility of frailty as a prognostic factor, complexities of care, unique challenges for adults living with frailty and COVID-19 infection.

Proposal Submission Deadline: April 17, 2020

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