Provide feedback on Aphasia Education app (CanAssist)

17 March, 2016
Speech-Language Pathology
Communication Health Assistants

CanAssist is an organization at the University of Victoria , British Columbia, dedicated to increasing the independence and quality of life of persons with disabilities through the creation of innovative technologies and programs.

In collaboration with several SLPs, CanAssist has developed and published a free iPad app that simulates some of the communication challenges and strategies associated with aphasia. The app is called Aphasia Education, but rather than a reference it plays out like a game. It was originally intended to provide SLPs with an additional tool for training caregivers, who will learn about the aphasia experience.

Now, CanAssist is looking for feedback: how useful and engaging the app is, how it might be improved, and so on. Once you have installed the app from the App Store onto your iPad, and given it a try, you can provide feedback in two ways:

Your feedback is very important, and much appreciated!