Opportunity for S-LPs Working with Bilingual Children to Participate in a New Online Study

06 March, 2020
University of Leeds
Speech-Language Pathology

Are you a speech-language pathologist, therapist or logopedist working with bilingual children? Have you ever used parental questionnaires to quantify children’s bilingualism? If yes, the University of Leeds need you for an online study.

The Quantifying Bilingual Experience (Q-BEx) Project, based at the University of Leeds (UK), is running an online Delphi Consensus Study. The study aims to bring together stakeholders (i.e., researchers, teachers and speech-language pathologists/therapists /logopedists) working on bilingualism to help reach a consensus on how to quantify bilingual experience by using parental questionnaires. 

More details about the study can be found on the University of Leeds website.

The above webpage contains three links, one for each stakeholder group, where individuals can register for the online study by March 11, 2020.

If you have any questions, please email qbex@leeds.ac.uk.