New Communiqué Article - Gender Affirming Voice Training: A Snapshot from Canada

08 April, 2021
Shelagh Davies, M.Sc, RSLP (Retired)
SAC News
Speech-Language Pathology
Communication Health Assistants

Reitred speech-language pathologist Shelagh Davies, M.Sc, RSLP, has written an article on the SAC Communiqué Blog on voice therapy for gender diverse people in the Canadian context.

"Voice therapy for gender diverse people is a new specialty that has grown exponentially in recent years. One of the pioneers in the field, Georgia Dacakis, was curious to know how this service is being offered around the globe and I volunteered to find out what we are doing in Canada. So here is an informal snapshot of 35 Canadian S-LPs’ practice with gender diverse people. This information was obtained through web searches and over 100 emails and phone calls with colleagues." 

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