Meet Jennifer Finbow: SAC's New NSA

23 September, 2013
Jennifer Finbow, National Student Advisor


This spring, SAC student members elected Jennifer Finbow as the 2013-2014 National Student Advisor. Her term officially began after SAC's Annual General Meeting in April. Jennifer is extremely dedicated to audiology and to SAC — we're excited to have her on board!


(Jennifer's letter to members:)

Dear SAC Members,
I am honoured and delighted to be SAC's National Student Advisor (NSA) — I already know that I am going to look back on this experience as an incredible opportunity for professional and personal growth.

Over the last five years, my academic and work experience has focused primarily on the field of communication disorders. I am currently a third-year audiology student at Dalhousie University and I'm in the process of completing my thesis on the benefits of two hearing devices (specifically the BAHA and CROS) for people with single-sided deafness. Working on my thesis has been extremely rewarding; I have learned more from my participants than I could have ever imagined!

My interest in becoming the NSA arose from my desire to maintain effective and efficient communication between SAC's Board of Directors and student members from across the country. I really believe that student representation needs to remain a high priority, which is why I'm excited that my new position on the Board will allow me to voice student views and issues. 

As a strong advocate for our association, I am thrilled to be able to promote the many benefits that student membership has to offer. From scholarships and awards to the clinical certification program, my peers and I know that SAC is committed to us — we feel supported and we know that our association will be there when we make the transition into the workforce.

I'm looking forward to all of the exciting opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

All the best for a successful year,
Jennifer Finbow

You can contact Jennifer at