27 October, 2017 - Huntington Disease News

“Researchers have come up with a new method to study the interactions between cell components that are thought to be defective in patients with…” Continue reading.

27 October, 2017 - BBC

“Using the hashtag #InvisiblyDisabledLooksLike, Twitter users across the world with hidden disabilities have been sharing pictures and stories to challenge…” Continue reading.

27 October, 2017 - The Yorkshire Post

“A SURGEON from Sheffield has become one of only a handful in the world, to successfully implant a fully ‘invisible’…” Continue reading.

27 October, 2017 - CBC

“The Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital is launching a new specialized centre for…” Continue reading.

27 October, 2017 - Medical Xpress

“The size, shape and number of dendritic spines in the brain may play a major role in whether someone gets…” Continue reading.