Appointment Opportunity, National Seniors Council

09 June, 2017
Government of Canada
Speech-Language Pathology

The Government of Canada is currently seeking applications from diverse and talented Canadians from across the country who are interested in the following position:

Member (part-time position)

National Seniors Council

The National Seniors Council shall advise the Government of Canada, through the Minister of Employment and Social Development – styled Minister of Families, Children and Social Development – and the Minister of Health, on all matters related to the well-being and quality of life of seniors, including the opportunities and challenges arising from a rapidly growing and increasingly diverse aging population. As directed by those Ministers, the National Seniors Council shall:

  • advise on current and emerging issues and opportunities related to the quality of life and well-being of seniors, both current and future seniors;
  • as needed, undertake activities such as commissioning research, convening expert panels and roundtables, and holding consultative meetings; and
  • deliver well-balanced advice, taking into account the views of experts, seniors, organizations and groups that provide seniors’ programs and services, provincial/territorial advisory bodies on seniors, and other relevant stakeholders and interested parties.

Members provide support to the Chairperson by bringing a broad viewpoint and expertise to the issues being discussed by the Council and rendering thoughtful advice so that these issues can be addressed from the perspectives of all Canadians.

Further details about the organization and its activities can be found on the National Seniors Council's website.