2020-2021 Scholarship Recipients

23 June, 2021
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SAC is proud to award 26 scholarships to the following student associates as part of the 2020-2021 SAC Scholarship Program:


Beach Family Graduate Scholarships

Nida Latif Nida Latif just finished her first year in the MScA Speech-Language Pathology program at McGill University. After finishing the program, she hopes to work with children with language difficulties related to autism and adults with aphasia. Her goal is to work towards providing more appropriate services in the uniquely multilingual environment of Montréal.
Isabella Speranza Isabella is currently a speech-language pathology student at the University of Toronto. She is extremely excited to pursue a career working in rural, underserved communities with the geriatric population after graduation. Regardless of location, every person has the right to communication and she is excited to be able to advocate for this.
  • Megan Van Kannel - McGill University


Beach Family Placement Support Scholarships

Kendra Smith Kendra Smith is a graduating Speech-Language Pathology student in the M.Cl.Sc. program in Communication Sciences and Disorders at Western University. She has a special interest in augmentative and alternative communication and plans to transition to work in a clinic or hospital setting in the coming months.


Communication Health Assistant Scholarship

Hollie Dorrington Hollie Dorrington is currently a Communicative Disorders Assistant Student at St. Lawrence College in Kingston, Ontario. After finishing school she hopes to work with children of all ages in all kinds of clinical settings.


Elks & Royal Purple Fund for Children Deborah Kully Scholarship

  • Levy Stewart-Bernard - University of Toronto


Elks & Royal Purple Fund for Children Susan Lane Scholarship

Jessica Kirby Jessica Kirby and is a 2nd year student in the Speech-Language Pathology program at McGill University. In a few short months, she will be starting her career as a speech-language pathologist. Jessica is open to working with a variety of clientele, however, the areas of aural rehabilitation and early intervention are of special interest to her.


Elks & Royal Purple Fund for Children Gordon Leslie Memorial Scholarships

Anika Talkuder Anika Talukder is in her final year at McGill University with a plan to work with pre-school and school aged children using play-based intervention. She hopes to expand her clinical knowledge by attending a number of workshops and webinars.
Scotia McKinley Scotia is currently in the process of finishing her last placement as part of the University of Toronto's Speech-Language Pathology program working with spine, orthopedics and cardiology patients at Toronto Western Hospital. She hopes to draw on the wonderful experience she has gained through this placement to continue treating adult patients in the acute and rehabilitation sectors in the future.
Konstantina Charamis Konstantina Charamis is a MHSc candidate currently completing her studies at the University of Ottawa. Her professional focus is in adult populations with neurogenic communication disorders and her research interests include Shared Decision Making for persons with aphasia, with a commitment to socioculturally inclusive and responsive patient care. She aspires to practice in the clinical setting and to contribute to developments within the field of speech-language pathology with the goal of providing patients with optimal care and outcomes.
Christine Muscat Christine Muscat is a second year Speech-Language Pathology graduate student at the University of Toronto. She will be beginning a MSc/PhD in Rehabilitation Science at the University of Toronto in the fall of 2021. Her research will focus on investigating subacute paediatric stroke speech and language outcomes, on the path to pursue a career as a clinician-scientist.
Molly Clarke Molly is currently completing her final internship, marking the end of her Masters in Speech-Language Pathology at McGill University. She is very grateful to have received financial support from SAC in both her first and second years of study. Molly is a second-generation S-LP, following in her mom's (Judy Lawlor) footsteps and hopes that one day they will be able to work together at home in Newfoundland. Molly's clinical experience has mainly been in rehabilitation centres and she loves working in a rehab setting, both with children and adults.
  • Bianca Cava - University of Wisconsin-River Falls
  • Kaylee Miller - University of Toronto
  • Gagandeep Cheema - University of British Columbia
  • Regina Wenk - University of British Columbia
  • Mikayla Blumenthal - University of Toronto


SAC Scholarships

Malaika Taylor Malaika Taylor grew up in Toronto, Ontario, and from a young age, she has been passionate about language, reading/writing and the arts.  During her undergraduate studies at York University, she took a particular interest in psychology and linguistics and decided to pursue a career in speech-language pathology. Although she is open to working with any population, she particularly enjoyed gaining clinical experience with individuals who have survived acquired brain injuries (ABIs). In the future, she hopes to hold dual licenses to practice as an S-LP and a psychotherapist. As Malaika graduates this summer, 2021, from McMaster's Speech-Language Pathology program, she hopes to continue being an active member of the community and advocating for causes that are dear to her. She is interested in working with those who have been marginalized and believes everyone deserves a chance to have their story heard.
  • Megan Van Kannel - McGill University
  • Nadia El Hallaoui - McGill University


SAC Research Scholarship

Charlotte Tai Charlotte Tai is a second-year audiology student at the UBC School of Audiology and Speech Sciences. Upon completion of her Master of Science degree by summer 2021, she will be starting work as a pediatric audiologist and hopes to continue to raise awareness about hearing health for musicians.


Isabel Richard Scholarships

Emily White Emily is completing the second year of her Speech-Language Pathology degree at the University of Alberta. Her passion lies in supporting individuals in reaching their communication and swallowing goals post stroke or TBI.
  • Barbara Coelho - Laurentian University
  • Veronick Sorenson - University of Ottawa


Grace Margaret Harris Scholarship

  • Gabrielle Rouleau - McGill University


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