21 September, 2018 - National Post

“Martin can recall, all too clearly, the day he received the devastating diagnosis of advanced Alzheimer’s. He went straight from the consultant’s office to sit in Westminster Abbey, trying to…” Continue reading.

21 September, 2018 - Medical Xpress

“Nearly 50 million people worldwide have Alzheimer's disease or another form of dementia. These irreversible brain disorders slowly cause…” Continue reading.

21 September, 2018 - Spectrum News

“Depression is more than three times as common among adults with autism as it is in the general population, according to new work1. And those with…” Continue reading.

21 September, 2018 - CTV News

“Your voice is an important part of your identity. It can also be an important thing to modify for someone transitioning.” Watch the video.

21 September, 2018 - Pittsburgh Business Times

“Carnegie Mellon University students created an app to help children and those with language difficulties learn and…” Continue reading.