SAC Webinar: Clinical Reasoning: Developing a Remediation Program to Help Practicing Professionals

Alexandra Carling, PhD, S-LP, Sarah Chapman-Jay, B.Sc. Hons and Samidha Joglekar, MClSc, Aud(C)
March 31 2021
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Intended audience: Speech-Language Pathologists, Audiologists, Students

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A clinical reasoning remediation program for healthcare professionals can help ensure quality service and protection of the public. The assumption is that all practicing clinicians use clinical reasoning when providing service, however, a small number of clinicians are in need of help with these skills. This presentation will describe the Clinical Reasoning Remediation Program developed by the College of Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists of Ontario (CASLPO). The remediation program has been designed to meet the needs of experienced professionals using adult learning principles, as well as established methodologies to promote critical thinking and problem solving. The remediation program also allows for post-remediation evaluation using CASLPO’s Clinical Reasoning Tool. This presentation will help participants understand the complexities of and specific requirements for effectively helping practicing clinicians improve their clinical reasoning when providing service.


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Presenter Biography

Alexandra Carling, PhD, S-LP

Alex is the Director of Professional Practice and Quality Assurance at CASLPO. She was the Manager of Speech-Language Pathology for the Niagara Health System before completing her doctoral degree at the Institute of Medical Science, University of Toronto. The quality assurance team developed and tested the Clinical Reasoning Tool.

Sarah Chapman-Jay, B.Sc. Hons

Sarah is the Advisor of Professional Practice and Quality Assurance at CASLPO. She is a speech-language pathologist and worked for the last 32 years in Niagara, Ontario and London, U.K. Sarah worked on the clinical reasoning project for CASLPO’s quality assurance program bringing her experience as a College peer assessor.

Samidha Joglekar, MClSc, Aud(C)

Samidha is the Audiology Advisor & Manager of Mentorship at CASLPO. She worked as a clinical audiologist and cochlear implant researcher at Sunnybrook Hospital and as in-house audiologist with GN ReSound Canada. Samidha recently introduced the Clinical Reasoning Tool into mentorship for newly practicing S-LPs and audiologists in Ontario.  

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