SAC Telepractice Webinar: Virtual Care at the Wavefront Centre for Communication Accessibility and in Audiology

Henry Lam, M.Sc., Aud (C), RAUD, RHIP
June 25 2020
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Virtual Care, or telehealth, is a new frontier in the field of audiology. It presents many opportunities and challenges in our work. Specifically, the Virtual Care program at the Wavefront Centre for Communication Accessibility aims to provide access to hearing healthcare services to individuals who cannot access traditional hearing clinics in British Columbia. The program is still in its infancy but it holds promise to help change the way we deliver audiology. There are also other virtual care tools in the realm of telehealth that are available now that we could use.

NOTE: The presenter is an audiologist from BC and will be presenting information of particular interest to clinicians in that province.


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Presenter Biography

Henry Lam, M.Sc., Aud (C), RAUD, RHIP

Henry Lam has been an audiologist since 2003. He is a UBC alumni and has worked at the Canadian Hearing Services and Wavefront Centre for Communication Accessibility. He is currently the acting head of the audiology department at the Wavefront Centre for Communication Accessibility. His primary interest in audiology is aural rehabilitation and technology. He has also been overseeing the development of the virtual care program at the Wavefront Centre.


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