Raising Resilience in Children with Nurodevelopmental Symptoms: Beyond Behaviour

Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists
May 13 2021 to May 14 2021
General Knowledge

The World Health Organization (WHO) now advises that genetic susceptibility, in combination epigenetic factors like exposure to toxins, can contribute to neurodevelopmental symptoms in children.  This workshop will explore an environmentally-informed intervention model that uses factors of occupational performance (promoting sustainable lifestyle choices) to enhance sensory processing/neuromotor skills in children.

This interactive workshop offers family-centred strategies to raise resilience in children with neurodevelopmental conditions. Participants will explore the science behind the symptoms to discover epigenetic factors that contribute to this modern epidemic. The WHO's Children’s Health and the Environment Policy will be applied to occupational therapy practice to create an environmentally-informed lens for assessment, goal development, intervention, and outcome measures. The evidence-based SENSE of Regulation Program (Stress Management; Environment; Nourish mind, body, microbiome; Sleep; and Exercise) will be introduced as a performance model to enhance neurodevelopmental potential for children. This workshop includes group activities, discussion, case studies, and practice.

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