ORPP Canada 28 Hour Comprehensive Assessment and Treatment Orofacial Myofunctional Training Program

Karrie Page R.SLP, COM, IBCLC and Nicole Dickson R.SLP, COM
December 7 2022 to December 10 2022
Speech-Language Pathology

This 4-day dynamic and hands-on course includes theory, demonstration and hands-on practice learning. The goal of this 4-day course is to provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of what OMDs are as well as the knowledge, skill and confidence to appropriately identify, diagnose and successfully treat them in neurotypical children and adults. Attendees will leave this course with the knowledge and tools required to put their new skills immediately into action in current practice and/or as a foundation to develop a successful and effective private practice. Attendees will work through and receive the personalized ORPP framework and resources including:

ORPP assessment protocol and all ORPP treatment/home exercise forms and business development materials. Course learning methodologies include: live online course via zoom to review theory, case studies and complete hands on practice.


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