Orofacial Myology - From Basics to Habituation

Neo-Health Services
April 13 2021 to May 16 2021
Speech-Language Pathology

Neo-Health Services has been training Orofacial Myologists since 2001. We can proudly say that we are considered the leaders in our field with 1000s of Neo-Health graduates helping their patients worldwide.

A QOM is recognizable as a highly trained individual who is qualified to treat and oversee treatment and is dedicated to high standards of professionalism as well as respect of their own scopes of practice and those of their professional associates.

Delve deep into the world of "true" orofacial myology, aka oral myofunctional therapy, with Neo-Health Services' team of highly sought out instructors from the speech pathology and dental worlds.  Learn from "basics to habituation" how to assess and apply the appropriate individualized treatment program for chewing/swallowing, articulation, "tongue thrust," negative oral habits, drooling, airway issues, ankyloglossia, and much more.  Enter the highly regarded Qualification in Orofacial Myology (QOM credential) process and join others around the world who provide a Total Support System for you.  Phone calls welcome for questions you have.

Speech-language pathologists are eligible to become a QOM by attending the premier 28-hour qualification training course, From Basics to Habituation. This course includes thorough instruction in assessment and treatment using the highly respected Myo Manual Treatment Program. Upon completing the course, you may request the written exam that focuses on the materials you have learned and obtained during class as well as information found on OrofacialMyology.com. This is followed by the final step of completing the clinical component, making the qualification process very relevant and sensible. There is NO fee to enter the QOM process.

Date: April 13 - 15, 2021

Additional Date: May 14 - 16, 2021

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