Dementia Care: A Comprehensive Approach to Support Aging in Place

Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists
May 6 2021 to May 7 2021
General Knowledge

The prevalence and impact of major neurocognitive disorders is expected to rise as our population continues to age, with 78,600 new cases each year and a projected cost of $16.6 billion by 2031. Occupational therapists are a key member of the health care team required to address the complex needs of this population.

This workshop provides occupational therapists with the evidence-based and hands-on skills needed to provide holistic care for people with major neurocognitive disorders. You will learn about useful technologies to address safety, develop dementia care programs, understand the occupational therapist’s role at end-of-life, and provide caregiver and staff training programs. There will be an opportunity to submit and review actual case studies with presenters and fellow participants. Lessons learned will be applicable to many care settings including inpatient, residential, hospital, and community, and there will be a focus on helping these clients navigate the entire health care system.


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