Children's Autism Services of Edmonton 12th Annual Autism Conference

January 23 2020 to January 24 2020
Communication Health Assistants
Speech-Language Pathology


Join us for the 12th Annual Autism Conference
on January 23-24th 2020.



You will have to opportunity to:

  • meet and hear from some amazing speakers including Dr. STEPHEN SHORE, Dr. AMY LAURENT, Dr. JODY CARRINGTON, and more! 
  • learn about;  building relationships with students with autism, dealing with sleep and feeding challenges at home, addressing emotional regulation in the classroom, exploring neurodiversity, and more! 
  • participate in a parent networking luncheon and a VIP breakfast
  • view a free screening of "Autism Goes to College" on Thursday 23rd at 7:00pm facilitated by Dr. Jan Blacher


Join us in person at the Edmonton River Cree, or participate by webcast to view many of the sessions from anywhere!



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