2022 Traumatic Brain Injury Conference

UHN Hull-Ellis Concussion and Research Clinic
February 11 2022
General Knowledge

Join us for an opportunity to learn about innovation and evidence driven assessments, interventions and treatment in mild traumatic brain injury.  This event will bring together the clinical, research and legal communities to network, learn and share research, clinical practice and personal experience in TBI.  Learning objectives include:

  • Learn to incorporate evidence driven strategies to facilitate self-management of common symptoms following mTBI.
  • Hear about current research innovations that highlight recommended best practice in treatment of mTBI.
  • Gain an understanding into the legal and ethical challenges and controversies in assessing and treating mTBI.

**All proceeds go to support Concussion research at Toronto Rehab**

Conference Date:

February 11, 2022

Registration Rates:

Virtual Registration - $150

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