2021 SAC Audiology Event Webinar Series: Resilient Marketing for Hearing Clinics: What We Learned in 2020 From Growing Clinics

Todd Dean
May 13 2021
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Leveraging data from hearing clinics across Canada, this webinar summarizes the lessons learned in 2020 to maintain and grow sales during times of uncertainty. Learn how to identify the marketing opportunities that are most effective for hearing clinics – and which ones you can ignore. 

Learning Objectives

You will become familiar with:

• Trends in digital marketing in 2020
• Strategies for short-term wins for hearing clinics
• What metrics to measure
• Best practices for clinics and hearing care businesses
• Future-proofing your clinic’s marketing
• Emerging trends in digital marketing


This webinar is eligible for SAC CEEs (Category A).


Presenter Biography

Todd Dean

Todd works directly with hearing care professionals and hearing clinic owners to grow their businesses by using local data to fill appointment calendars. He and the Zoolstra team have developed and refined a digital strategy that matches the business model of hearing clinics. By analyzing the data at every step of the digital journey, a strategy is customized for every client and shares the data so clinic owners can better understand their own business. When he’s not working he enjoys spending time outdoors skiing, hiking and traveling.

About Zoolstra
Zoolstra connects hearing clinics and organizations in the hearing industry with individuals that want to improve their hearing. We do this through user-friendly websites, hyper-targeted ad campaigns, and constant data analysis. 

Zoolstra is data-driven, meaning that every click is used to uncover and connect the people that are most interested in your organization. Unlike other marketing agencies, we share this information with you so you can use the data to improve your organization.


Accessing the Webinar

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