2017 Advertising Campaign

On May 1, 2017 Speech-Language & Audiology Canada (SAC) launched a new advertising campaign in 10 cities across Canada

The advertisements, featuring our tinnitus and dysphagia posters, will increase public awareness about two important communication health issues and promote our member professions.

Tinnitus Poster         Dysphagia Poster

(Click images to download full-sized [11" by 17"] posters. For letter-sized versions, see below.)

Watch for our tinnitus posters near major sporting venues in Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Ottawa and Halifax. Watch for our dysphagia posters in transit stations or on transit vehicles near major hospitals in Victoria, Saskatoon, Toronto, Montreal and Saint John.



  • Print the ads and hang them in your clinic or office. You can click on the thumbnails above to download the full-size versions of the posters (16"x20"). 
  • Forward the ads to your colleagues, friends and family members. Visit our Speech and Hearing Month website to download the letter-size (8.5"x11") versions of the posters. 
  • Take a selfie! If you see one of our advertisements, take a "selfie" in front of the advertisement.  Email it to us or post it on Facebook or Twitter.  Don't forget to use the hashtag #maymonth.


Ad Locations:

Please note that some of the advertisements may be posted shortly after May 1, depending on the city and ad location.


VICTORIA (Dysphagia ads)

  • BCTransit vehicles on routes servicing Victoria General Hospital


VANCOUVER (Tinnitus ads)

  • Cambie 22m S/O Robson WS FN
  • Robson 28m W/O Hamilton NS FW


EDMONTON (Tinnitus ads)

  •  101 Street 25 m S/O 104 Avenue ES Y NE
  •  104 Avenue E/O 105 Street SS Y E
  •  104 Avenue W/O 110 Street NS N W
  •  87 Avenue NW 65 m W/O 114


SASKATOON (Dysphagia ads)

  • College Dr E/O Fieldhouse Rd SS F/W
  • 2nd Ave S/O Queen St WS F/S
  • Queen St W/O 7th Ave SS F/W


WINNIPEG (Tinnitus ads)

  • Graham Avenue & Garry Street NEC F/S
  • Ellice Avenue & Donald Street SWC F/E


OTTAWA (Tinnitus ads)

  • Bank St. 100 m N/O Walkley Rd. WS N S
  • Bank St. 40 ft N/O Exhibition Way ES  N S
  • Bronson Ave. 25 m N/O Brewer Rd.
  • Bronson Ave. 45 m S/O Brewer Rd.
  • Bronson Ave. 5 m N/O Holmwood Ave. 
  • Fisher Ave. 30 m S/O Baseline Rd.
  • Glebe Ave. 40 ft E/O Bank St. 
  • Hazeldean Mall Parking Lot @ Eagleson Rd. WS N S 
  • Hazeldean Mall Parking Lot @ Eagleson Rd. WSN N 
  • Scott St. 70 ft W/O Island Park Dr.


TORONTO (Dysphagia ads)

  • Queens Park Station
  • College Square Station


MONTREAL (Dysphagia ads)

  • Berri-UQAM Station
  • McGill Station
  • Université de Montréal Station
  • Côte-des-Neiges Station


HALIFAX (Tinnitus ads)

  • Scotiabank Centre exterior billboard


SAINT JOHN (Dysphagia ads)

  • Tucker Park Rd 800m W/O Sandy Point Rd NS F/E
  • University Ave 10m E/O Woodhaven Dr NS F/E