New Communiqué Article – Reflections of a Speech-Language Pathologist: Perceptions of our Profession and Unique Opportunities


Credit: Patricia Smith, S-LP(C)

SAC member Patricia Smith, S-LP(C) has written an article for the SAC Communiqué Blog to tell the stories of two of her clients and to reflect on the impact S-LPs have on the clients they serve. She aims to answer the following questions: what is needed for essential advancements in the areas of communication that would ultimately lead to a happy life and what are the key factors that make this happen?

“This is certainly not a scientific study and my results and comments are merely reflective of my life spent as an S-LP. Based on this, my hypothesis would be that positive connections between a professional (in this case, the S-LP) and clients as well as their families is one of the key factors to their success. These connections are not only with our clients. Looking at that person as a “whole” and not just at the separate “parts”, it is equally as important to build connections with the parents, grandparents and others significant in the life of that individual. We do not take a course on this when we are working towards our degrees, but maybe we should.”

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