Certification Maintenance

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The NEW SAC Certification Program will begin January 1, 2020. To learn more, click here.

Maintaining Your Clinical Certification

There are three requirements for maintaining clinical certification with SAC. If you are a certified member, you must: 

  1. Renew your SAC membership annually.
  2. Accumulate 45 Continuing Education Equivalents (CEEs) in each 3-year certification cycle.*
  3. Declare your clinical certification maintenance at the end of your 3-year cycle (new as of 2016).
    • Please note: If you are in Cycle A (2016-2017-2018), as part of your 2019 renewal process you will be prompted to declare the maintenance of your clinical certification.

*Your 3-year cycle begins the January after you received your certificate of clinical certification.

We have created a downloadable CEE Tracking Form to help members keep track of their continuing education activities.


CEE Three Year Cycles
2016-2017-2018 2017-2018-2019 2018-2019-2020
2019-2020-2021 2020-2021-2022 2021-2022-2023
2022-2023-2024 2023-2024-2025 2024-2025-2026

Continuing Education Activities

Clinically certified SAC members must complete continuing education activities to maintain their certification credential. Members have flexibility in how they can fulfill their continuing education requirements; please see this list of accepted continuing education activities for more information. Note that there are profession-specific activities and related activities.

Continuing education equivalents (CEEs) are numerical values assigned to the professional development activities that can be counted toward your CEE totals. In general, one hour of continuing education equals one CEE, but some continuing education activities have different assigned values. There is a maximum number of allowable CEEs for most continuing education categories.

Clinically certified SAC members, including those who are reduced hours members, must complete 45 CEEs over the course of each 3-year cycle. CEEs cannot be carried over from one cycle to the next. Use our CEE Tracking Form to keep track of CEEs you’ve accumulated.

We require that members accumulate CEEs over 3-year cycles to allow flexibility for unexpected circumstances, such as an extended parental or medical leave.



CEE Audits

SAC conducts an annual audit to maintain the integrity of the continuing education component of clinical certification maintenance. Every Fall, we randomly select a group of clinically certified members for audit after the completion of their 3-year cycle.

Important: Members must retain proof of continuing education activities for one full year after their 3-year cycle ends.

Within six weeks of being notified of an audit, clinically certified members must submit proof of completion of a minimum of 45 CEEs. If members cannot prove they have completed the CEEs reported to SAC, they will be required to submit proof of other CEEs.

Members selected for an audit will receive a letter from SAC regarding the status of their clinical certification once the audit is complete.

We will give consideration for extensions in cases of serious illness. Please contact the Certification Department at certification@sac-oac.ca to request an extension.




Q: I am a reduced hours SAC member. Does SAC pro-rate the minimum requirement of 45 CEEs for members who work part-time?

A: No. All clinically certified members must maintain the same level of continuing education, so members who work part-time must still complete a minimum of 45 CEEs in each 3-year cycle.

Q: Are there exceptions to the minimum CEE requirement when I’m on parental leave?

A: No. SAC deliberately created a reporting cycle that spans 3 years to give members ample time to accumulate 45 CEEs, even in times of extended parental leave.

Q: Do I still need to accumulate CEEs if I am on an extended medical leave or I am the primary caregiver for someone else with a serious medical condition?

A: If you are disabled, unable to work due to medical circumstances or serving as the primary caregiver for someone else with a serious medical condition, you must first contact SAC to change your SAC clinical certification status to “inactive”. An inactive certification status means that you will not be required to meet the clinical certification maintenance requirements until you become reactivated. Please contact the Certification Department at certification@sac-oac.ca for more information.

Q: How will I know that I have accumulated enough CEEs to meet SAC’s requirements?

A: You must accumulate 45 CEEs over each 3-year cycle. We recommend that members document their continuing education activities throughout each cycle and regularly check the total number of CEEs they have accumulated. Use our CEE Tracking Form to keep track of CEEs you have earned and those you still require.

Q: How will SAC know that I have completed 45 CEEs?

A: At the end of each 3-year cycle, we will ask you to submit a Declaration of Clinical Certification Maintenance. Submitting this declaration is equivalent to swearing on oath that you are telling the truth about the CEEs you have earned. SAC holds its clinically certified members to the highest professional standard, and as such, trusts members to declare their compliance truthfully. Members who have declared their compliance but are found to be non-compliant through an audit will be decertified.

Q: If I submit my CEE Tracking Form to SAC, will SAC enter this information into my CEE records and track the CEEs I have accumulated?

A: No. As of February 1, 2016, members will no longer report CEEs directly to SAC. We encourage you to use the CEE Tracking Form to monitor your continuing education activities and to save a copy of this form in your own files, along with proof of your participation (e.g., certificates of attendance).



Certification Department

Phone: 1.800.259.8519 ext. 231

Email: certification@sac-oac.ca