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SAC Member and Associate Fees

Member/Associate Category

Regular Fee

Member* $336.00
Reduced Hours Member* (max 800 hrs/year) $223.93
International Member $223.93
Communication Health Assistant $165.02
Communication Health Assistant - Reduced Hours (max 800 hrs/year) $110.55
Research/Allied Professional $336.00
Affiliate $223.93

Provincial/Territorial Fees

For residents of BC, NL, NS, PE and NT







Member* $165.00 
(+$8.25 GST)
$98.00 $150.00 $100.00 $65.00
Reduced Hours* $111.38 
(+$5.56 GST)
$72.50 $75.00 $67.50 $40.00

*If you reside in one of the provinces/territory listed above please note that SAC collects the provincial/territorial association fees and remits them to the province/territory. When paying your member or reduced hours fees (communication health assistant associate categories are excluded) you must pay BOTH the provincial/territorial fee AND the SAC fee.


SAC Member and Associate Categories


A professional who holds a Master’s degree in speech-language pathology or audiology or equivalent and has acquired 300 supervised clinical practicum hours.

Reduced Hours Member*
A professional who meets the member requirements and works less than 800 hours in a given year (i.e. Part-time, maternity/parental leave). (NOTE: 800 hours refers to any hours related to speech-language pathology or audiology, including management positions, instructing, clinical coordinators, researchers, etc.)

International Member*
A professional who meets the member requirements but works outside of Canada.

*Please Note: If you are a member of a Canadian regulatory body, please indicate this on your application and no additional proof of credentials will be required to join SAC.


Research/Allied Professional Associate
A professional who holds a Master’s degree or PhD in an area related to human communication disorders and/or sciences, and is employed in a university communication disorders department or another program involving research or teaching related to human communication disorders and/or sciences.

Affiliate Associate
An individual, such as an auditory verbal therapist, teacher of the hearing impaired, etc., with a special interest in human communication and its disorders but who does not meet the requirements for any other category. (NOTE: Affiliate associates are not entitled to SAC’s discounted rate on professional liability insurance with BMS.)

Communication Health Assistant Associate
A graduate of an educational program for communication health assistants in speech-language pathology and/or audiology. The educational program must include 200 hours of clinical experience.

Reduced Hours Communication Health Assistant Associate
A professional who meets communication health assistant requirements and works less than 800 hours in a given year (i.e. part-time, maternity/parental leave). (NOTE: 800 hours refers to any hours worked related to speech-language pathology or audiology, including management positions at hospitals, instructing, etc.)

Student Associates

Student Associate Category


Student (S-LP or audiology program) One-time fee of $75.00
Student (communication health assistant program) Free


Student Associate (S-LP or audiology program)
Full-time students in speech-language pathology and/or audiology graduate programs or, nonpractising speech-language pathologists and audiologists enrolled as full-time students in studies related to the two disciplines. 

Student Associate (communication health assistant program)
Full time student enrolled in a recognized Canadian communication health assistant program (in speech-language pathology and/or audiology).