It pays to be part of the group

Being part of an association more than 6,000 strong has its benefits. With the strength of the group behind us, we are able to negotiate comprehensive coverage at really great rates for our members and associates. 

We work hard to ensure that you are getting the best coverage for your money; and, if we think we can do better, we do. We frequently renegotiate and will even switch providers if we think it's in your best interest. With SAC Insurance Programs, you can rest easy, knowing that we're here, looking after the details. 

Insurance Programs for SAC Members


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Professional Liability Insurance

SAC members and associates can purchase $5,000,000.00 professional liability insurance for only $50.00 a year. Without our special rates for SAC members and associates, professional liability insurance can cost $700 a year or more. At this rate, you can pay your SAC dues and purchase insurance and still come out ahead! Purchase/renew coverage online or learn more here. 

Your employer's coverage is not always enough; it may not cover you in all situations. This coverage sheilds your personal assets in the event that you are personally named in a lawsuit.  
Remember: In most provinces, this insurance is mandatory to maintain registration with the College/ Regulatory body.

(NOTE: Affiliate associates are not entitled to SAC’s discounted rate on professional liability insurance with BMS.)

BMS Canada Risk Services Ltd.

Office Insurance Packages for Private Practitioners

If you operate a business or bill under a separate entity name, professional liability coverage can be extended to include your legal entity. Learn more.

BMS Canada Risk Services Ltd.

Term Life Insurance

An affordable way to ensure your family’s well-being, no matter what the future brings. Learn more.

Manulife Financial

Personal Accident Insurance

Offers a lump sum benefit payment to help your family cope during a very trying time. Learn more.

Manulife Financial

Income Protection Disability and Office Overhead Insurance

With Income Protection, You can continue to provide for your family even if an accident or illness keeps you from your job. Learn more.
Office Overhead Insurance helps pay the bills for your sole practice or partnership if an accident or illness leaves you disabled. Learn more.

Manulife Financial

Extended Health and Dental Care Insurance

Build a plan that's right for you, your family and your budget and only pay for the protection you really need. This flexible plan allows you to choose your level of coverage - dental, health or a combination of both. Learn more.

Manulife Financial

Home and Automobile Insurance

Flexible plans at exclusive rates for SAC members and associates on home and auto insurance. Learn more.

TD Insurance Meloche Monnex

Travel Insurance

Whatever your travel needs — whether you’re planning a shopping spree south of the border, backpacking across Europe for the first time or a package-tour subscriber — the MEDOC® Travel Insurance Plan is right for you. Learn more. 

Johnson Inc.


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